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My Passion and My Why

My innermost passion is to help others discover their voice, and to speak for those who can't speak for themselves

I’ve gone through a lot of resistance in my life. I had people talk about me negatively and even make things up about me that weren’t true. I was silenced. So then to combat that, I created this unrealistic image of myself. I wanted everyone to think that I’m this strong, independent, and confident person, when in reality, I relied so much on other people actually seeing me that way. I wanted to be fully in control of everything. But through my experience as a marketer and the EPIC Humans Collective Soul Business course, I realized that true power and connection comes with being authentic. I want to work with people and brands to showcase who they truly are, through the good and the bad. In the wise words of feminine icon, Elle Woods, I want to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. I want to help empower people to express themselves in unique and relatable ways, because the only way to master social media is to make meaningful connections.

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