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My passion and purpose is to help businesses express their unique voice and make meaningful connections.

Known online as Social Media Sof, I have been a social media strategist and coach for 6 years. I’ve worked with over 200 brands all over the world, helping them connect with their audiences and showcase their brand values in the best possible way. To further develop my social media career, I decided to move to the US from the Philippines in 2022, where I now work with one of the biggest EdTech companies in the country. 


I have expertise in leveraging the power of social media to drive product growth and community engagement with a proven ability to deliver compelling content creation and visual storytelling across all social media platforms. I am resourceful, creative, entrepreneurial, and a collaborative team player with an aptitude for organizing and managing multiple projects.


Coral Manila

Working with one of the most successful sustainable swimwear brands in the Philippines, I spearheaded social media and content creation to produce over 50 videos and almost 100 pieces of content in totality. My content increased views by over 10x on average and quadroupled engagement rate.

San Francisco Sof

As a passion project, in January 2024 I created an account that shares the best things to do around San Francisco. In just 1 month, I gained over 5000 followers and hit more that 1.5 million views. 



As a content creator and social media manager, I've worked with dozens of brands to create video and static content.

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