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Connection and Creativity

Social media requires connection and creativity. Without one, the other cannot exist.

Sometimes putting yourself out there can be scary. There are so many things that can be hard to admit to other people and even ourselves. Through all the expectations we set for ourselves especially on social media, authenticity and vulnerability are not easy things to bring out. The vastness of the internet not only allows us to reach a wider audience, but also allows that wider audience to express their opinions about us instantaneously. However, the number one thing we need in our lives is definitely connection, and the only way to create meaningful connections is to be authentic and honest. These meaningful connections give us the opportunity to see both the world and ourselves through a different lens. Social media gives us such a paradoxical dynamic, wherein we are deeply connected via technology but desperately lonely in reality. Genuine human connection is crucial.

Being true to yourself and to others is the driving force of creativity. How are you possibly going to express your creativity without knowing your motivations and intentions? the very act of creating something allows for a different kind of freedom that can connect us to who we truly are and, in turn, connect us with others. Creativity and connection work hand-in-hand through a cycle that keeps us happy and fulfilled. It is through connection that we create, and it is through creativity that we connect. Give yourself the opportunity to express these things every single day, whether it’s for work, for fun, or to bond with another person, and your life will never be the same.

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