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My Icon: Emily Weiss

Here's a quick vlog on how Emily Weiss, Glossier and Into the Gloss founder, has mastered the art of digital marketing

Emily Weiss is the founder of Glossier, but before that, she created Into the Gloss. Into the Gloss started out as a simple blog sharing celebrity makeup and skincare tips. However, Emily discovered that there was an evident disconnect between beauty companies and younger audiences. She found that beauty companies weren’t planning on hiring social media managers. Instead of trying to bring old brands to new audiences, she decided that it was the time to build a new digital-first company, operating in a direct-to-consumer model and emphasizing communication with its customers, involving them in the creation of their products. Then, Glossier was born! Emily’s consumer-first mentality turned Glossier into a billion dollar brand.

As I’ve said before, I believe that meaningful connections are the key to social media. On this journey, I was able to get to know myself so deeply that I was able to integrate what I learned about myself into my business. You have to treat your brand like it’s your own person, and you need to get to know that person before you can actually get into a relationship. Get to know everything about your brand, especially your brand’s values. Then, when you know enough about your brand, you can figure out how to communicate with your consumers.

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