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From Chaos to Connection: 
5 Steps to Unleashing Your Authentic Voice and Creating Consistent Content

$59  $189

If you have a new business or are about to start one, social media can be such a chaotic place. So if you want to connect with your audience and have solid, consistent messaging, you gotta join this course! I'll be taking you through a 5-step process to help you capture attention and KEEP IT.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, this price includes the five-part course (starting August 30), a brand and social media strategy workbook, and, a 1-on-1 session with me on your social media strategy implementation.

Here's how we're going to do it:
Step 1- Establish clear goals and objectives
Step 2- Get to know your audience
Step 3- Create your content calendar
Step 4- Get consistent with your messaging
Step 5- Connect with your audience

I'm so excited to have you on board! The course starts on August  30 so be sure to check your Spam folder for my emails

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