Grow Well Socials

Role: Freelance Social Media Manager

Catering to mental health professionals and other services based businesses, Grow Well Social is a a boutique social media marketing agency that specializes in social media strategy, lead generation, and content creation that creates genuine connections with their audiences and converts them into loyal customers. Some of our clients include Trauma Therapist and Podcast host Janet Bayramyan, LCSW, and Anxiety & Holistic Wellness Therapist Erica Basso.

As a Social Media Manager, I assist in strategy planning, content creation, and engagement for all clients. I also streamlined the content creation process and use of hashtags by setting up efficient systems and modified databases. With this, we have been able to cut our workflow time in half.

EPIC Humans Collective

Role: Freelance Social Media Associate and Virtual Assistant

Founded by Klementina Dukoska, EPIC Humans Collective helps humans live & create from their truth and innermost purpose, so we can all have an EPIC experience on our beautiful Planet & evolve into a conscious, sustainable and happy humanity.


I worked directly for Klementina herself, designing her course branding and outputs, and editing the course videos. I also assisted her with lead generation, Instagram and Pinterest strategy, and social media engagement.

Casa Alora

Role: Freelance Social Media Manager

Casa Alora is a small local shop created by a mother and certified plant lover. She transformed her passion for decorating and floral arrangements into a business, selling Spanish-style vases, candles, planters, dried flowers, and more.


Working with her, I conceptualized the company's overall logo and branding, and designed a consistent and coherent Instagram feed. I created a brand that was aspirational yet relatable, through simple product pictures, interior design tips, and constant engagement. 

VA Task Desk

Role: Freelance Social Media Manager

Tracy Askew, an experienced administrative assistant, decided to take a leap by quitting her full time job, moving to Mexico, and starting a career as a Virtual Assistant. She started VA Task Desk as a way for her to control her own hours.


I had the pleasure of launching her Facebook and LinkedIn pages, where I was able to lang her 3 clients within the first month of business. With the help of Facebook and LinkedIn groups, she was able to find steady clients and gain a following. I created a content calendar and designed content that suited her brand. I conceptualized social media campaigns such as Motivation Monday, Tuesday Tips, Social Media Holidays, and Contests. 

Makeup Design Academy

Role: Freelance Social Media Manager

Makeup Design Academy is an award-winning technical school for personal and professional makeup artistry in the Philippines.


As their social media manager, I strategized and created content for their company's Facebook page. I increased their post frequency and engagement through relevant hashtags, and posting more valuable and engaging content. 

Hueman Group Media

Role: Social Media and Public Relations Intern

Hueman Group Media creates story-driven, high-caliber podcasts for brands, organizations and humans making a positive impact in the world. Their podcasts have features several high-profile guests such as Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana, Karamo Brown, Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Linda & Ashley Graham, and Arianna Huffington.


For 3 months, I assisted in the growth and management of their Instagram account for the founding podcast, Sincerely, Hueman. During my first week working for them, I was able to increase their following by over 1000. I also built media lists and created article pitches to be sent out to those contacts for possible press features.

RWS Entertainment Group

Role: Social Media Intern

Operating out of a 56,000 square foot office, rehearsal studio complex, and performer housing in New York City, Emmy Award-winning RWS Entertainment Group is North America’s largest provider of branded stage shows and experiences.


As a social media intern, I assisted in managing and strategizing for social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. During my internship, I was able to increase social media engagement by 7% in 4 months. I developed digital marketing campaigns for the company, such as Takeover Tuesday, performer features, birthday greetings, and internal employee contests. I was also able to participate in the documentation of live shows and other events.